Arts, Culture, Languages and Science

Session 2015-2016       ARTS, CULTURE, LANGUAGES & SCIENCE

Contact emails/phone numbers are listed in the activity sheets/lists obtained during registration. (All venues will depend on numbers enrolling).

ASTRONOMY (Ron Bagnall) 

This group aims to bring together local people with an interest in astronomy, to share knowledge and experience and get to know our night sky. We plan to have 5 monthly day-time meetings and some night-time observing sessions. Topics covered will depend on the interests of group members but are likely to include simple theory, some history of astronomy, astronomy software, amateur telescopes, internet resources, satellites and astrophotography. We will also arrange a visit to a local observatory.

Monthly from October; Monday (third); 2:30 - 4:30pm; Eyemouth Community Centre

BOOK GROUP 1 (Pat Oldale)  

The members of this group all read the same book then gather to discuss it in depth in members' homes.

Monthly; Thursday (fourth); 2:00 - 4:00pm; Home-based

BOOK GROUP 2 (Cath Lockett)

Book awards 2014-2015 

Choose from a selection of books to read with the group over the next months, perhaps some you would not have thought you would have enjoyed or heard about. Convivial discussion and good company. Each month the chosen book is reviewed and awarded a score. One book will be awarded 'Book of the Year'. 

Monthly; Wednesday (third); 10:00 -12:00noon; Home-based

BOOK GROUP 3 - Themed Book Club (Irene Mowat)

This year we will be reading books by 20th century European authors (in translation), concentrating on the Balkans and the Baltic countries and trying to learn some culture and history of each country. Come and join us for good discussion, good fun and good learning - all the things U3A promises.

Monthly; Friday (third); 2:00 - 4:00pm; Home-based


An introduction to cultures which have influenced or informed our own, by reading from Greek and Roman poets, playwrights, historians and philosophers. No knowledge of Latin or Greek is required.

Weekly; Monday 10:15 - 11:45am; Home-based


The group encourages discussion and may be more suitable for members who have some experience of the language. However the crucial issue is a willingness to participate. We talk about everything from the arts to current affairs and topics are chosen by members. Some grammar included.

Weekly; Tuesday 2:30 - 4:30pm; starting Tuesday 29th September; Ayton Village Hall

GAELIC (Alan St Clair)

The study of the Gaelic culture and history through learning the language. The group has now reached an intermediate level so is no longer suitable for beginners.

Weekly; Monday 2:30 - 4:30pm; Home-based


We seek to continue to gain a better understanding of a variety of widespread religious beliefs and practices.

Fortnightly; Friday (second and fourth) 2:00 - 4:00pm, starting Friday September 11th; Eyemouth Community Centre

PLAY READING (Louise Goldsack)

Reading together plays, old and new, for enjoyment and discussion but not with a view to performing.

Fortnightly; Tuesday (first and third) 10:30 -12:00 noon; ECC

POETRY GROUP (Jenny Proctor)

An informal group that looks at and discusses the works of such poets as may appeal to members. Ideally the impetus will come from within the group and will also encourage the writing, by members, of their own poetry.

Fortnightly; Tuesday (second and fourth) 10:00 -11:30am; Home-based


An informal programme designed as a basic introduction to human anatomy, with a view to discovering how the body works, how it is formed and how it can sometimes go wrong. We will explore some basic medical terminology along with modern treatment and preventative methods. As well as gaining an understanding of how amazing our bodies are, an added bonus will be the additional knowledge gained for pub quizzes and crosswords! Returning members welcome!

Fortnightly from October; Wednesday (second and fourth) 2:00 - 3:30pm; Eyemouth Community Centre