Session 2016-2017      New Groups

The email and contact details are available at registration or on the documents distributed. (All venues will depend on numbers enrolling).

GEOLOGY (Alison Tymon)
Monthly sessions on rocks, minerals and fossils, using rock samples and images of the Berwickshire coast to show some of the basic ideas about how Geology works. All welcome and no previous knowledge of geology is necessary.
Monthly, 1st Friday 10:30-12:30 Eyemouth Community Centre

TERTULIA (Maria Chester)
We shall meet weekly to practice Spanish. Advanced level is required. We shall also watch Spanish videos and news in Spanish with different accents. Do you know what “Tertulia” means?
Weekly, Thursday 10:00-11:00AM Venue to be decided.

SHALL WE DANCE? (Maria Chester)
This is a weekly and very active group. For the second time I shall ask you to come and shake your bones. It is a fact that dancing is good for us. No previous experience is required! Just a little bit of rhythm will be enough!
Weekly, Thursday3:00-4:00pm Ayton Village Hall

We shall meet once a month to learn about ways of dealing with sex in ancient civilisations, ways that today we could find shocking and disturbing. Only for members above 18 years of age…
Monthly, Last Thursday 2:00-2:50pm Ayton Village Hall

This new, informal discussion group will provide an opportunity to develop a wider understanding of issues currently in the public domain. These may be local, national, or international; they may be related to health care, social welfare, human rights or whether our rubbish bins should be emptied fortnightly or monthly! Topics will be determined (by members) in advance of each session and discussions will be member led.
Monthly, 1st Monday 2:00 -3:30pm Ayton Village Hall


Additional Short Term Groups.
Stella Quarry is planning to offer Summer Day Trips in 2017. More information will be available on enrolment day.