Music & Dance

Session 2013-2014  

Contact emails are listed in the activity sheets/lists obtained during registration.

BELLY DANCING (Eleanor Carnell Shimmy your way into exercise with gentle dance moves and steps, plus lots of fun. Great music with combinations to share.  Bring a scarf to go round the hips.

CEILIDH DANCING (Ian Whittaker)  Consists of various social dances, from slow waltzes to fast reels.  It is an informal group with good company and great fun where enjoyment is more important than accuracy.  Easy to learn, and not too strenuous.


MUSIC APPRECIATION (Pat Oldale)  Each month two members give presentations  with music, of their choice to a selected theme each side of a coffee, tea and biscuits break.  All members of this group are encouraged (but not obliged!) to participate in these sessions.


SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING (Margaret McGovern) Consists of set dances only e.g. Reels, jigs and Strathspeys.  Very informal, good company and plenty of laughter but needs concentration and energy. 

VIVA VERDI (John Farr) We will watch one Verdi opera each month. A resume of the plot will be given, hopefully by e-mail, in advance of the viewing. In view of the length of some of the operas there will not be much time to discuss each opera, but we will try and do so when possible. I will prepare a brief synopsis of Verdi's life, a list of his operas in chronological order, and we will also view them in that order. I will pick out some well known as well as lesser known works. The opera List for 2013/2014.