Sports & Leisure

Session 2013-2014 

Contact emails are listed in the activity sheets/lists obtained during registration.

BADMINTON (Tom Struthers  All abilities welcome.

BIRDWATCHING (Andrew Davies)   An informal group, with a wide range of abilities, from newcomers to the experienced.  The group visits sites of interest in the local area such as Paxton House whilst sometimes they go further afield, for example Vane Farm.  Car-sharing is arranged as required.

COMPUTERS R4U -APPLE ipad (Cath Lockett)   A 10 week course to help build confidence and share what you know, what you want to know or don't know about Apple ipads in a friendly environment.  Ownership of an Apple ipad is essential. 

COMPUTERS R4U-LAPTOP&PCS (Cath Lockett)  A 10 week course to help build confidence and share what you know, what you want to know or don't know about computers in a friendly environment.  Ownership of a computer or laptop is essential as practical homework is assigned.
DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY BEGINNERS (Malcolm Pattinson)  Come along and fall in love with your camera and have fun learning to take good photos.  Really, this is easier than you think. We will start with the basics and explain how your camera works and what all those buttons do. All you need to do is bring along your camera. 

GARDENING (Shirley Mitchel)   During autumn and winter the group meets to undertake activities including quizzes, visiting speakers and watching DVDs on gardens and gardening. During the spring and summer months visits to local gardens are arranged. 

GET CRAFTY (Gina Bell During three sessions, each with a different craft, release your inner creativity in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.  We will learn the art of Zentangle, basic needle -felting and, using a variety of artistic media, how to decorate a wooden Christmas bauble.

KNIT ONE PURL ONE (Irene Mowat)  Come along with your knitting to share expertise or learn new techniques in good company.  Lacy work and colour work are my latest "obsessions" but I hope people with all levels of skills will join to enjoy another U3A Experience. 

LUNCH CLUB (Frank Spowart Taylor)  Join us to visit some of our excellent eating places around East Berwickshire. All venues are booked in advance and members are encouraged to offer lifts and car share where possible. Usually we have three groups which combine for the final lunch in May.


MAH-JONG FOR BEGINNERS (Jan Uylatt)   A new group which will introduce you to the ancient game of "Mah-jong". No previous knowledge needed, sessions will be relaxed with an emphasis on "fun".  

MEMORIES AND STORYTELLING (Margaret Higgs)  Share the recollection of past memories and tell your story on such topics as; holidays, transport, communications, smells, favourite photograph or song; the list is endless.  

SOCIAL BRIDGE (Kath Payne)  Come along for a relaxed afternoon of not too serious Bridge. Don't worry if you don't have a permanent partner - we can mix and match and do everything we can to make sure you "get to play on the day". 

TABLE TENNIS (Bill Dixon) Meet for fun and exercise.

TRIANGULAR LACY SHAWLS (Irene Mowat)  For all level of knitters, learn how to knit a lovely lacy triangular shawl. You'll learn all kinds of techniques to help you succeed and you will choose the level of lace you create and the type of yarn. 

WALKING GROUP (Ernie Cox)  Encourages people to get out in the open air and appreciate the beauties of the surrounding countryside and to be aware of the birds, animals and plants. Correct footwear etc. essential.