Session 2015-2016      New Groups

The email and contact details are available at registration or on the documents distributed. (All venues will depend on numbers enrolling).


It's not all Lederhosen and sausages.....This weekly course aims to look beyond the stereotypical images of Germany and its people and provide a brief introduction to the history and geography of this country as well as considering its phenomenal contribution to Western culture. Along the way we will look at aspects of Germany's art and architecture, listen to the music of its great composers and appreciate the works of some of its poets, writers, thinkers and scientists.

Weekly; Thursday 10:00 - 11:30am; Ayton Village Hall


This course is divided into four sections:
  1. 1491: New revelations of the Americas before Columbus
  2. 1492: The clash of civilisations: Columbus arrives to the New World
  3. 1493: How the discovery of the Americas revolutionised Trade, Ecology and Life on Earth.
  4. The Columbian Exchange: how European vessels left sheep, rats and lethal viruses in the New World and carried tomatoes, tobacco and maize to the Old. The beginning of the "homogenocene"...

Weekly; Thursday 2:00-4:00pm. Ayton Village Hall


The main aim of this informal discussion group is to develop an understanding of health and disease within our own environment and culture, by exploring current health issues in the public domain. Topics may include recent innovations in health care, health issues currently being debated in Press / Parliament / T.V., local health care issues or areas of personal interest /expertise.

Monthly from October; Wednesday (fourth) 10:00 -12:00 noon. Eyemouth Community Centre

ISSUES OF HUMAN RIGHTS (Kath Payne and Ranald Wylie)

This new, informal discussion group will look at inequalities and issues of restricted liberties across the world. Discussions will be led by areas of interest within the group as well as by topical political and international debate(s). External speakers may be invited, intergenerational links will be encouraged and some appropriate visits may be arranged.

Monthly from October; Thursday (second) 10:00-11:30. Home-based

PAINTING (Paul Priestman)

This will be a self-help group for "artists" of "all abilities" to come together to be creative. Don't worry if you've never wielded a pencil or paintbrush, just bring along your own equipment and enthusiasm and see what happens.

Fortnightly; Tuesday (first and third) 10:00-12:00. Ayton Village Hall

RELAXATION (Andrew Davies)

Keep calm and carry on.....Enjoy learning some relaxation techniques from a former doctor who has trained health professional in these methods.

Monthly; Monday (second)) 14:15-16:15 Eyemouth Community Centre

Additional 'short-term' groups:

a) Two Demonstration Lunches are being offered - on Thursday November 5th and Thursday March 3rd 10:00am - 3:00pm; cooks: Irene Mowat with Elizabeth Campbell. Come and watch an enthusiastic pair of home cooks prepare a mouth-watering 4-course lunch and then enjoy eating it. Sample menus will be available at the enrolment day. These lunches will be home based so there will be limited numbers and only one date available per person.

b) Stella Quarry is planning to offer summer day trips in 2016. More information will be available on enrolment day.