East Berwickshire U3A Committee  

Committee 2016 - 17

Chair  Julie Gregory 
Vice Chair  June Taylor
Open Meeting Programme  June Taylor 
Treasurer  Eleanor Carnell
Membership Secretary  Carol Pearman
Group Coordinator
 Catherine Bond
 Denise Crerar-Torr
Social Secretary Johanna Wright
Ass. Social Secretary Carolyn Warholm
Minutes Secretary  Ian Hales

  Chair Julie Gregory

 Committee 2016/17

Please consult your membership card if you need contact details.

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Please click here for access to the current Constitution of the EB U3A.
EBU3A Constitution 

Further information can also be obtained by visiting

the national websites at:

www.u3a.org.uk and www.u3ascotland.org.uk

Members can also access 24 hour legal advice helpline.

Tel. 0344 770 1040 Quote U3A Helpline